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Astronomy pages
Welcome to this educational site.
I will try to explain most things about stars, solar systems, planets the Big Bang, and our very own solar system in an easy and understandable way.
You'll also find a collection of pictures of the galaxy here.

If you already know the basic things about astronomy, there won't be much here you don't already know. But you still might like the pictures, so don't surf on too fast.

There are also links to other pages about astronomy that go deeper into the material.

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*** Updates *** Updates *** Updates ***
I've added the last pages of the planets' moons.
I've also made a few new sections, containing pictures of comets, other galaxies. The stars categorie now has information about our sun.

*** Next week *** Next Week ***
The Big bang, information about other galaxies and stars.

This page  will be updated regularly.

My first award

This page was created by C. Rodrigo on 16-08-1999
It was last updated on 09-11-1999

All the material on this pages is original, No text here has been copied in any way from a book or magazine, though my knowledge comes from books only.

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